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American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Under the American Rescue Plan Act that became law in March 2021, the Plan is eligible for financial assistance from the federal government in an amount intended to allow it to continue to pay out all promised benefits through 2051. As of the date these notices were finalized, we were still waiting for additional guidance from the government on the details of the financial assistance, including how much money the Plan will get and when. We also still await guidance from the government as to how the new law will affect the enclosed notices; for now we are still required to provide them to you even though changes (for example, the Planís insolvency date) will be required as a result of the new law.

For additional information regarding the NIGPP please call 1-800-321-2393.

NIGPP Participants can also use this number, selecting Option 1, to change information such as Home Address, Direct Deposit, and Federal and State Income Tax Election updates.